Stone Grove is the Los Angeles based floral and fine arts project founded by New York native Haylee Nichols.


Artist Bio

Haylee Nichols was born on Long Island, New York and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. She works primarily with flashe and acrylics on canvas, wood panel, and paper. She is particularly drawn to the landscapes of Los Angeles, California and Cape Rosier, Maine where she visits in the summers each year. She works from her own photographs, focusing on the light and the relationships between colors. While some of her works are realistic, she also delves into abstraction and manipulation to further explore ways of seeing.

She received her BFA in painting from Purchase College, while also learning to shoot large format photography and use the non-silver printing process. This gave her the ability to control and experiment with what was within the frame, which she still applies to her art making process today.  

Artist Statement

My paintings represent a moment in time. When a landscape or interior space catches my eye, I want it to live on forever. I aim to draw the viewer in, to see what I see while also experiencing something of their own. As I mix colors and draw out the composition, I remember why I was so enthralled with the scene in the first place. It's a gut feeling, and I have to see it through.


In 2016, Haylee began to seriously play with flowers, providing services such as local flower deliveries, weddings, corporate events, photoshoots, commercials, installations and album covers. She creates custom floral work in California, New York and beyond. Each creation is unique in its own way, allowing for the unexpected to occur. She sees her floral designs as an extension of her artwork, paying close attention to color, form, and the feeling it conveys.